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Project 4, "Art Video Emulation"

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DUE at two dates-
October 8th (In-Class) &
October 15th (Special Location)
Two separate portions of
the assignment below...

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featuring the Digital Media
dept. new lab tech Dillon!
[Until specified otherwise.]
Thursday, Oct 4 : 1-4 PM

(More for following week will be posted.)

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A S S I G N M E N T  4

"Art Video Emulation"
a.k.a. Learning From the Birth of the Medium

 The Photoshop Era has come to a close in class. Or has it? (Depending on your approach to this assignment.) A new era begins which is the Video Era. A little less of the information highway for the time being. We begin in the 60s/70s. A time of revolt.

(Who can name any-all of the
artists who composed these 4 works?
PS : All mentioned in reading.)

Takashi Ito. Ghost [1984].

Bas Jan Ader. Nightfall [1971].

We have discussed the video art reading that was given to you. I would find it beneficial to look back through and check on the work of artists who you felt particularly connected to or want to look at more.

OVERALL ASSIGNMENT lies with this link :
(UBUweb . A proud supplier of a large archive containing experimental video art.)

Choose TWO video clips from this webpage and choose carefully. You will be shooting and editing your own version of the chosen clips preserving the soundtrack from the original source to be added to your video creation... OR, in the case of ambition, replacing with your own audio-soundtrack that is at the same instance creative and loyal to the source material.

(Disclaimer : As much as it pains me to say it, upon request of the establishment, Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" is out of bounds for this assignment.)

(Additional Disclaimer : Only by special request and my permission beforehand may an artist mentioned in the reading and one/two of their works that are NOT on Ubu be chosen.)

This is an interpretive experiment. Be creative in how you approach. There are less restrictions on parameters, but with great power comes great responsibility. You are expected to very much recreate points of view, camera angles, timing, subject matter and related items of your chosen videos. In lieu of that, also be creative to yourself and personal conceptual goals. Make it your own but a goal of the assignment is that the videos must be relatable to the original videos. There are many hundreds of choices on this site - take some time to explore these many varied historical and contemporary works and have fun! And yes, you are allowed to pick two of one artist. Though be wary. I'll expect more out of that, as I'll hope you have a flawless reasoning in doing so.

MINIMUM LENGTH OF VIDEO(S) : 30 SECONDS (each, not together). 
MAXIMUM LENGTH OF VIDEO(S) : 5 MINUTES (ditto; each, not together).
Understandably, there are very long videos on the site as well as features. You may choose to emulate a portion of those longer-than-thou videos.

In critiques we'll be viewing both original source videos and reenactments. Make sure there's a way you can link and/or embed the original clips through your blog!

Equipment and techniques. You may use anything from a cell phone video camera, laptop webcam, to a high end HD camcorder. Up to you most definitely. Sadie Benning used a kid's camera from Toys R' Us. Bill Viola uses enough frames per second to make your head spin.
 I recommend you use Final Cut Pro to edit your work, as it will be the primary epicenter that will be taught through (though Premier is a nice choice too). Also, you may wanna check out a DVD burning program (iDVD and/or DVD Studio Pro).

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1.) Your two videos chosen. You
will not be able to change beyond
this point, so pick wisely. Advisable
you begin work early anyway.

2.) Screen your selections for class
and explain in presentation why
you chose them. Are they representative
of you and personal themes-concepts?
Are you pursuing a visual technique?


1.) A burned DVD containing, in playable
manner anyway you choose (menu select,
place both videos on one reel, etc.)
BOTH of your emulations to play!

2.) Your emulations and original sources
posted together on your blog in your
manner of choosing as well. You may
want to do this part the day before.

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You may meet Dillon by time of this reading, or soon. Our new lab technician! He will be in charge of all weekday workshops from hereforth (and me on the occasional Sunday 'shop still). You can look to him for nearly any tech advice, but for this assignment, prod his brain for tips of video shooting, editing, and DVD burning). Next week's class may opt into a workshop day as well in preparing for the big turn-in.

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