Monday, October 22, 2012

Order of 'The Shallows' Sections!

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Salutations Digital Media I,

Here is the order of those who will be going in partition to the Nicolas Carr internet reading.

I think a good thing to keep in mind with this list is a good interpretation of the work you have seen thus far of the colleagues around you. This is in addition to of course remaining true to your own vision and strengths. What are their own aesthetic cues that they work in? What makes them tick? Take a large part of yourself in visualizing your paragraph in addition to also understanding the paragraphs and potential visuals around you. What is unique about this assignment is that it is not totally embedded in one's own artistic practice. It is 'all' found footage so it all literally existing in the socially networked parameter of this world. We all get along!

Any questions : You know not to hesitate to ask.

1. Erin McMahon
2. Emma
3. Serena
4. Shay
5. Erin Meyering
6. Brian
7. Elizabeth
8. Jenie
9. Kaitlin
10. Elo
11. Katie
12. Lena
13. Stormy
14. Elissa
15. Priscilla
16. Carl
17. Chohnny

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Wafaa Bilal. Project "3rdi".

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Good luck.

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