Monday, December 10, 2012

Final Meeting Protocol

S E C O N D   L I F E
F i n a l  M e e t i n g  P r o t o c o l  D i g i t a l   M e d i a  I


By 10:15 AM . Be at the Starbucks coffee shop in Second Life we have discussed and looked at for the last two weeks. Official address in the top browser-

After the final physical class meeting, I will be volunteering to teleport those who are not already there to the location. In addition, Thur and Sun (1-4) during final workshop times, I will be teleporting those who are online as well. I cannot send a teleport request to those offline. So be online if you wish to preemptively be there! That way, it will be a matter of just logging in to be present for the final.

And by the way, since it is a final in the digital world, you may access from anywhere. Though do ensure your machine is up to speed. It will not be wise to miss the final meeting due to lack of planning on your part. Four main rules-

1. Keep the text based chat civil during conversation! Speak as you would in class.
2. If the class is together in a location, please do not wander off.
3. Be with the final meeting until it is called off officially. Failure to remain in the final meeting for the duration (which should take no further than 30-45 minutes) is going to irk real life discrepancy from me and not just my inane avatar.
4. The sky is the limit. Your research and adventure into accessorizing your avatar will come into direct play in the meeting! Express yourself! Or rather, express the person who is not yourself.

FIRST HALF OF MEETING  (after all 18 of us assemble in the coffee shop and area) :
We will attempt to completely give the illusion that our 'fantasy selves' are having a conversation with one another. That is, text based chat will be initiated when we compile and you will not be your real self. I will call off this 'experiment' at a proper juncture of awkward!

SECOND HALF OF MEETING (after our artificial selves speak to another)
Our fantasy outfits remain the same, but we address another normally.
Here are some questions I will pose to you through chat you may think about prior to engaging in the final meeting. I will expect everyone to be polite enough to respond!

*What have you made art about in this class? (or) What do you want to make art about?
[Remember this was the very first question I asked at the very start of the class.]

*What do you think of Cory Archangel's Super Mario Clouds piece "now"?
[The recurring piece we looked at half jokingly-half intellectually in the semester.]

*What is the work you are most proud of that you made in the class? Why?

*What are separations and links between you and your fantasy self? How representative is it?


I lead you all in flying off into the ocean. After that, HAVE AN AWESOME BREAK.

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