Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HTML, Helpful Links

Hello DM1,

Hopefully you are closing in on the finalization of the 'shooting' portion of your practice, as a few are/already are finalized. When you arrive at tackling the actual mixing part of the assignment (i.e. working with Dreamweaver, as demoed in class), here are some links and tips that should easily give you the edge.


[This one recommended by Dillon himself, whom you'll be emailing the Dreamweaver file to before Sunday at 5PM. That email is dmcgillivrary@unr.edu . ]

This should be more than enough to help you complete the assignment plus some change. It teaches you in a flash the basic components of how HTML works plus unique things to do with it. Only requirements HTML wise of altercation (besides of course embedding the videos themselves in a fitting grid) are changing the background color and making/altering the title text on the page. Of course, you can go the extra distance and experiment with certain things. For example, you could draw lines to divide videos on the grid. Etc. It is all up to you. Though of course, not forgetting the importance of the assignment itself (the mixing of the videos). Use time wisely.

Of course too.


Cheat sheet for the colors. Invaluable for helping you decipher the perfect hues of your background and text (and more?) colors. If you're ambitious... You could even find a way to get an array-rainbow of colors implemented somehow. (e.g. the Prospectives '12 site)


If you are ever at all curious or anxious of how two videos-sounds will interact with each other, go no further than this (or for that matter other) aggregate that can mix two Youtube videos together and see the result. Think of each of your videos as an choir, each of a different class (bass, soprano, alto, etc.). If you got all bass, it will just sound flat. Like music to the ears, it is comprised of different instruments and general pitches.

And once again, if you forgot-

This is how you find the embed code in the first place. If you are using Vimeo, it is very easy to locate as well (on the video itself, a 'share' button should come up if paused). Paste into your HTML view on Dreamweaver and on the actual view (preview of final result) it should pop up as the video.

And I know this will come up, so i'll iterate it again : <br> is a line break. Exactly like hitting Enter, except for HTML coding.

You have the tools! Dillon will be in the house during his usual hours. I will be too, 1-4 Sunday (workshop ending an hour before due time to Dillon!).

Good luck.

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